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Get a superpower 
for your Resume

Stand out in interviews with our structured & standardised leadership cum management gamified live projects

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Play for 2-3 Weeks only

Approx 1 Hr per week only

A must for fresher students with zero or limited experience

Irrespective of the domain, almost every good paying job demands basic management and leadership skills. This game provides leadership and management experience along with experience certificates.


From now on, never face any interview with zero experience.


What We Offer

We offer you a plethora of benefits which have been tailored to suit your future goals-

Games based on MBA concepts

Learn to apply essential business & management fundamentals that they teach in B-schools - using quizzes, games, guided worksheets & frameworks etc.

Upskilling via practical approach

Get upskilled with entrepreneurial, leadership & managerial skills via a practical approach using real live projects - designed in sync with core management fundamentals

Earn stipends & certificates

Get a practical platform to apply the otherwise theoretical concepts so as to achieve real world milestones, thereby earning rewards in the form of stipends, experience certificates and more

Strengthen your resume

Get a structured and standardised management and business experience thus earning an edge over your peers by virtue of your resume. Also, earn brownie points for interviews by getting hands-on experience of the business world. 

Built for future managers, by IIM alumni.

We offer you a variety of gamified live projects to suit your needs, wants and demands. The plans have been designed keeping in mind their effectiveness at  budget-friendly price. They are a win-win deal for you as the prices are just peanuts as compared to the value it offers to you in terms of strengthening your resume. 


Moreover you can earn the amount back (and much more than that) in the form of stipends.

Leadership Funnel Game

Marketing Game

E-Commerce Game

Our games as published on -

Our games have also been featured in several leading news forum of recent times, highlighting how relevant and effective our games are in today's world of rat race.


What Our Clients Say

“This is so amazing. I wish I found this during my engineering days. So as to cover up my lower grades I had participated in random activities to strengthen my resume.”

Himanshu Developer

No matter what job you apply for, there will always be some management skills that come into play. These gamified live projects helps you showcase your skills in the right direction”


IIM Shilong

"Freshers are victims of the catch 22 equation - “ You can’t get a job without experience, but you can’t get experience unless you have a job”. These games cater to this universal problem."

Ajit Singh,

Get Ready to Strengthen Your Resume With Our Management & Leadership Games

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